Working Papers

Mark Jacobsen, Christopher Knittel, James Sallee, Arthur van Benthem

The Use of Regression Statistics to Analyze Imperfect Pricing Policies

Joseph Shapiro, Arthur van Benthem

Transportation and Pollution Havens: Evidence from the U.S. Vehicle Market

Niko Jaakkola, Daniel Spiro, Arthur van Benthem

Finders, Keepers?

Jacquelyn Pless, Arthur van Benthem

The Surprising Pass-Through of Solar Subsidies

Work In Progress

Kenneth Gillingham, Sebastien Houde, Arthur van Benthem

How Do Automakers Decide on Fuel-Economy Advertising?

Mark Jacobsen, James Sallee, Joseph Shapiro, Arthur van Benthem

Optimal Corrective Taxes with Untaxable Externalities: Evidence from Motor Vehicle Pollution